• Rediscover the Bliss of Unconditional Love
  • Experience Direct Intimacy
  • Embrace the Sensual You

Join the Shakti Shiva Academy and Courtney Ward of Halo Gaia Adventure Travel for what promises to be an entertaining conversation of adventure, erotic freedom, sensuality, liquid bodies, unconditional love, bliss, conscious breathing, and more!

Swimming With Dolphins 🐬 is a direct transmission of the liquid state. When dolphins make eye contact with you, they flood you with pure love. A must-experience sensual encounter, of profound and direct intimacy. These magnificent, highly intelligent ocean creatures hold nothing back. They embrace every moment with complete presence and delight. They invite us to rediscover the reality of pure, innocent love, located and celebrated in the body. Dolphins are divine key-holders of the pathways to altruism, conscious breath and unconditional love.

Courtney will share with us some of the magic of Malongane, Mozambique, a place where Heaven meets Earth, as-well-as, its surrounding marine reserve spaces which is home to approx. 200+ wild inshore bottlenose dolphins.

  • Date: 24 October 2021.
  • Time: 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm UK / 7pm CAT

“Every once in a while we experience something that impacts deeply and unforgettably. Swimming with wild dolphins in Malongane, Mozambique was for me one such magical event. Courtney’s approach with these mammals is respectful and non intrusive ~ a conscious, intimate interaction.”

Our Free Gift to you when you register to join the conversation: Primal Awakening is a wild didge song by master sound healer Courtney Ward from her album Spirit Song. Using her voice and making the most extraordinary nature sounds, Courtney plays many ethnic and indigenous instruments from all over the world, which along with her vocal melodies and percussive rhythms guide the participant on a meandering musical journey.

With Love!

Shakti Shiva Academy

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