What Is An Evolutionary Relationship?

With With Patricia Albere and the Shakti Shiva Academy

Saturday, December 11, 2021
@ 10am PST/1PM EST/6pm UK/8pm SA

(Note: a recording of the class will be sent out within 72 hours to all who register)

Ready to move beyond painful patterns into a healing experience of love and unity?

In this masterclass, evolutionary teacher Patricia Albere will share with you the reality of evolutionary relationships and how to access them in your own life.

You will:

  • Discover the power and significance of the evolution of love.
  • Awaken to a deeper longing for the true potentials of shared love and unity.
  • Learn how longing is the key for transforming the possibilities for your relationships.
  • Find out how the evolutionary background frequencies for existence determine what can be lived and known.

Relationships exist on many different levels of consciousness. An “Evolutionary Relationship” is a particular and unique opportunity to live and evolve within multidimensionally all-encompassing love. And doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship!

Sounds next level, right?!

The range of potentials and possibilities are indeed real and beyond what we normally consider for ourselves.

An evolutionary relationship allows you to know, explore, develop and embody the highest evolutionary potentials that exist for human beings together.

Join us and learn more!

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